Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Week of Struggle...

I'm not quite sure where I want to go with today's post.  

I've had many down days recently, it's so hard to always put on a brave face in spite of MG.  Sometimes even the simplest task is difficult.  I can still care for myself, but I find a need more time to rest between tasks.  The way I do everything has changed, while some changes are minor some are not.  I almost always need to sit to prepare meals, my legs don't have the strength to hold me like they once did.  The weakness in my arms and shoulders make mixing, cutting, and sometimes just holding something difficult.  Housework in general has become a chore (pun intended), there isn't something that doesn't tire out one part of my body or another.

I'm not sure if my medication isn't working as well as it once was, or if there has been some progression in my MG .  I see my neurologist again in May, there are many things I feel I need to go over with him.  Compared to some, my MG struggle is small.  I have met some strong people, their struggles have been many. I pray daily for the strength and courage they exhibit daily. Chronic illness is no picnic!

One thing I've never struggled with is my faith.  No matter happens in life there is a reason. I've learned to accept whatever obstacle God has placed in my path. There have been years of chronic illness, and family struggles that I pray others never have to experience.  But with a strong belief in God I have weathered many storms.  I hope I am strong enough to attend Holy Week services. It's a great time for renewal and reflection, and most of all to give special thanks to Jesus Christ for sacrificing his life for us. 

So this week when I pray my Rosary I will ask for more strength and courage. I will also offer thanks and prayers for those that struggle daily. Some with illness, some with financial or personal struggles. I know with God's help all things are possible....

I'll close by wishing all a Blessed Palm Sunday, as always you are all in my thoughts and prayers....


  1. I'm so sorry you are going through a rough time! I have to say though, I SO admire your strong faith. You always inspire me when I begin to doubt or even waiver...You are such a precious friend to me and I pray that your appt. in May goes well. You may just have to add something to your regiment. Love you!!

  2. Thanks Kerri, I'm sure this will pass as all things do. You have so many of your own struggles, yet you always help others when they struggle. Thanks for the prayers!!!

  3. Hi Rachel~I hate that you are going through a bad spell. Hopefully, you'll get back to your baseline soon. Don't hesitate to call your neuro before your May appointment if you continue to do poorly. Faith is so important. I'm glad that you have such a strong faith; I find mine wavering from time-to-time. For me, it's a part of life. Take care! Hopefully, we can email, or talk soon.
    (((HUGS))) Shari

  4. Rachel, I am so sorry for your hardship now. You are always so precious when you write me and such an encouragement. I will be praying for you that the Lord will show you He is so real for this time. Blessings sweet friend, Linda

  5. Shari & Linda, thank you both so very much for your kind thoughts. I am confident things will get back on track in good time.

  6. I'm sorry that you are suffering so. I know how insanely frustrating MG can be. I hope you get some resolution when you see your Neuro. What meds are you on now? I've been through them all and I'm set to restart Rituxan in May. I can't wait to get some relief. I will be praying for you- I love what you said about not losing your faith. Prayer is so powerful!


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