Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Day of Rest...NOT!

For many people Sunday is a day of rest. Some choose to relax in pajama's while reading the paper and doing the NY Times crossword puzzle. Others spend time shopping, racing at a frantic pace from store to store to get the best bargains. While others spend time at a house of worship before enjoying a quiet day with family and friends.

For me it's sort of a mish-mosh of things. I start my Sunday like most days.  I wake to an alarm that is set about a half hour before I need to get out of bed. This allows me time to take medication that gives me strength in my muscles to go about my day. Then and only then can I proceed as others do! If I don't allow myself this time, I have to rely on the help of others before my day really gets started. It's difficult to go from being a caregiver in your professional life, to the person needing assistance and care in your personal life.

I use Sunday to decide what I might want to make for dinner for the week, catch up on laundry, do some light housekeeping, and care for my niece who is also disabled, while my sister is at work. This doesn't always work out. Like many with a chronic illness some days are better than others. Even the best plans must be rearranged to allow for sudden muscle weakness or fatigue when Myasthenia Gravis decides IT is in charge of your body.  The old saying about The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men is an everyday reality for many of us.

This weeks menu will include Unstuffed Cabbage, Chicken Fried Rice, Vegetable Soup, and some other undecided selections. I've chopped and peeled to my hearts content. All that remains is to stir fry the Chicken Fried Rice.  The aromas that have filled my house today are mouth watering to say the least...

I think a nap is in order, and perhaps I will "tackle"some treats for "The Big Game" or it will be Tea & Scones to enjoy while watching "Downton Abbey"...better not plan too far ahead!

Enjoy your day, no matter what you have planned...Remember even a bad day can be looked upon as a never know what tomorrow will bring so make every moment count...