Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Butterfly House...

Haley came to visit a few weeks ago, my sister and I wanted to do something different so we decided to take a trip to the Butterfly House at the Rutgers University Earth Center.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, although it was quite hot there was a beautiful breeze. It made the heat quite tolerable.

The Monarchs were floating from flower to flower...If you looked closely you could find butterflies in various stages of life...cocoons were hanging from the leaves of plants, some were empty, while others awaited the emerging beauties.

Coneflowers, Sunflowers, Butterfly Bushes, and many other served as places for the butterflies to sun themselves, rest, and enjoy the sweet nectar the beautiful blooms had to offer.

Taking a sip from the Butterfly Bush
We also spent a little time visiting the Children's Garden...There were several areas for children to explore and play amongst the various plants.  Haley loved the Teepee made of Sunflowers and the tunnel covered with squash vines.  She was so excited to see the tiny squash, because it was so early in the growing season most were only about 2 inches long!
The grounds of the Earth Center is also home to the Master Gardeners program as well as an ecology center.  It's beautiful place for a picnic, a hike amongst the nature trails or just a quiet place to spend an afternoon.  We can't wait to visit again!