Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eight Years Ago Today....

It was eight years ago today I lost my dad.  He had been ill for many years, he battled cancer three different times.  He was strong, stubborn, and as feisty as the day is long!  I lost a strong arm to lean on, a shoulder to cry on, and I lost a friend and confidant. 

 He was a hard worker who always provided for us. I remember him working three jobs to make sure we always had what we needed. We had many fun times, he taught me to ride a bike, motorcycles and horses. He even put up with a bunch of screaming kids in a movie theater just so I could see "A Hard Days Night" and "HELP". He loved to blast the radio in the car, he knew all the words to all the songs we listened to!! 
 There were road trips to visit family and friends. He would take us by the bus load to zoos, parks, lakes, and museums. But my favorite was riding with him on his bus route to the Pulaski Day Parade in NYC. I loved the dancers, the Babka, and the PierogiesBut what I loved most was spending father and daughter time together.

It's funny how something I see on TV or a song I here on the radio will make me think of him. I don't shed as many tears as I did. But now when I do they are tears of happiness, because I have so many wonderful things to remember...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Haley Rain!!!

Happy Birthday Haley!

 Today Haley turned eight years old!  She was so excited she could hardly control herself.  This year she choose a custom designed ice cream cake from "The Ice Cream Depot" . It was filled with all her favorites, espresso chip ice cream, cookie crumbs and fudge filling.
 It was so nice to have her with us for her birthday this year, we missed her so very much last year. It was very hard not to celebrate with her.  Gae and I hope that never happens again, there are times when she tests every bit of our patience.  But we can't imagine not having her with us everyday.  Theresa and Haley love each other very much.  I'm sure God had something special in mind for all of us when he let two special young ladies into our lives. For that I will always be grateful.  So Happy Birthday to my special helper, no one else helps me cook, bake and vacuum the way you do!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where Did Spring Go??

Okay, I'm going to ask a silly question.  Where the heck is spring?  Today we woke up to the first official 2011 spring snowfall.  I am so sick of snow and winter in general.  I know I'm not the only one.  It's not unusual to have a spring snow every now and then. But really, enough winter already!  The other day it was simply gorgeous, a lovely 70+ degrees, with very low humidity.  Who could ask for a more perfect day.
The change in weather felt good.  My muscles were stronger, it was definitely one of my better days!  I can't wait for the real spring weather to finally arrive.  It will be so nice to do some work in the yard.  We plan to move one of the flower beds, and relocate and increase the size of the veggie garden.  Gae and I also want to add a small swing set for Haley and Theresa.

So, hurry up spring there is a lot I need to do outside.  I'm going stir crazy!  I want to feel the grass under my feet and smell the dark rich soil!!
Coming SOON to a garden near me!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Special Blessings

My niece Theresa Anne is eleven years old today!
She has a very special place in all our hearts. A child full of love and happiness, she has a great big smile and makes everyone around her appreciate even the smallest things life has to offer. Every day with her is a blessing, I can't imagine life without her. 
My sister has not had an easy life caring for Theresa, there have been many long nights in hospitals and trips to specialist. What mother wouldn't want a child who could run and play, call your name, or reach out and give you a hug. Theresa may never do any of these things, but we love her for the joy she brings with her beautiful smile and her silly laugh. So on this special day I'm asking God to continue to bless you with many more happy days for all of us to enjoy.