Monday, March 7, 2011

Special Blessings

My niece Theresa Anne is eleven years old today!
She has a very special place in all our hearts. A child full of love and happiness, she has a great big smile and makes everyone around her appreciate even the smallest things life has to offer. Every day with her is a blessing, I can't imagine life without her. 
My sister has not had an easy life caring for Theresa, there have been many long nights in hospitals and trips to specialist. What mother wouldn't want a child who could run and play, call your name, or reach out and give you a hug. Theresa may never do any of these things, but we love her for the joy she brings with her beautiful smile and her silly laugh. So on this special day I'm asking God to continue to bless you with many more happy days for all of us to enjoy.

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