Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Might Have Been...

Yesterday would have been my parents 54th wedding anniversary.  I often think about what might have been if they were both still living today.  I think about them at the oddest times. Sometimes it's something I've seen on television, a song I've heard on the radio, or the smell of something cooking or baking that sends a rush of memories my way.  They can be sad or happy but I embrace them just the same. 

When they were younger there were times when their relationship wasn't the best. But in time and with determination and hard work they grew into a very loving couple. They were friends and companions during sickness and health right to the very end.  

As I look back on my childhood, I know I was blessed with two of the best parents in the world. We were raised to be independent and respectful of ourselves and others. We were nurtured and loved.

Both my parents spent a large portion of their lives living with the daily burdens of chronic illness. It was never "why me" but what can I do to enjoy my life and family to the fullest.  So as I learn to adjust to a life with Myasthenia Gravis, I think of my parents daily struggles. I try not to live the "why me" life. I want to live the fullest life possible with Myasthenia Gravis coming along on my journey...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day !!

I have so many wonderful memories of my mom. She was a firm but fair person. She respected our desire to be individuals. We got along so well, we crocheted and crafted together. I learned care and compassion for others from her. Like so many mothers she did without so we always had what we needed. We never knew hunger, we never wanted for affection. I was truly blessed to have her for my mother and best friend!!

She always asked for the same thing from us each Mother's Day. That was to be good, sometimes that was easier said than done.  We felt we needed to give her more than being good. We gave her flowers and planted gardens, we drew pictures, wrote poems, and even placed each other in trash bags with giant bows on them to give ourselves as gifts! But one of her favorite things was this poem, it's kind of silly but it speaks volumes about mother's.

So this poem is for you Mom...
M is for the many things she gave me.. 
O is for the other things she gave me..
T is for the thousand's of things she gave me.. 
H is for the hundred's of things she gave me..
E is for everything she gave me..
R is for the rest of the things she gave me..

Put them all together they spell MOTHER, the one who gave the world to me!!
Happy Mother's Day in heaven!