Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Haley Rain!!!

Happy Birthday Haley!

 Today Haley turned eight years old!  She was so excited she could hardly control herself.  This year she choose a custom designed ice cream cake from "The Ice Cream Depot" . It was filled with all her favorites, espresso chip ice cream, cookie crumbs and fudge filling.
 It was so nice to have her with us for her birthday this year, we missed her so very much last year. It was very hard not to celebrate with her.  Gae and I hope that never happens again, there are times when she tests every bit of our patience.  But we can't imagine not having her with us everyday.  Theresa and Haley love each other very much.  I'm sure God had something special in mind for all of us when he let two special young ladies into our lives. For that I will always be grateful.  So Happy Birthday to my special helper, no one else helps me cook, bake and vacuum the way you do!!

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  1. oh this cake looks so yummy. send me a piece, lol. Happy Birthday Haley

    aka TA


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