Monday, April 25, 2011

Little Things Make Me Happy...

Nowadays even the little things bring me happiness;

As I lay in bed waiting for my morning meds to kick in I feel the warmth of the sun on my face, the smell of the spring blooms floating in the air, the coo of the doves that have nested beneath my window. I say my morning prayers, then I'm brought back to reality as my niece jumps on my bed yelling "rise and shine sleepy head" I gently remind her "Aunt Rachel needs a few more minutes, her medicine hasn't started to work yet." She says "I'll help you up" as she pulls on my arm with all her might. Of course I can't budge, but she persists.

I can't spring out of bed, jump in the shower, put on clothes and run out the door like I did in the past. Everything is planned to the best of my ability. Do I need to rest between tasks, am I strong enough to climb the steps today, can I put my earrings in without help today.  That's just part of life with MG, it's my life now so I have to make the best of it.

Today is laundry day! I enjoy doing laundry (call me crazy). I love the smell of freshl washed linens, and the feel of warm clothes as I pull them from the dryer.  But as with most everything in my life, even doing laundry is a chore (pun intended!).  My MG affects my limb girdles, this makes it difficult for me to climb stairs and lift my arms, especially if I'm carrying something.  

Last week my sister and I were at the store and I bought a new laundry basket. Well things being what they are, for some this might not be such a big deal.  Not so for me, this laundry basket has helped me regain some independence!!!  Our washer and dryer are in the basement. I have 10 steps to tackle with each and every load I do, it's  like climbing a mountain. It's the perfect size to hold a single load of clothes. Yet sturdy enough for me to drag it down the steps, and use it to lean on to push myself back up the steps again. So on a good day I don't need to ask someone to bring the basket up or down the steps for me.  This makes me so very happy!!

So Thank You Sterlite for creating such a great laundry basket!!
**Now if you could invent something to Fold it too**

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  1. This is a ridiculously long link, but they have things to help you fold clothes.

    I don't know if you can copy and paste that, otherwise, google "clothing folder" and you'll get options.

    It IS the little things that can make SUCH a huge difference!!!


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