Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Goodbye Old Friend...

The other day I had to say goodbye to an old friend...

To some this will sound silly, but to others it will make perfect sense. After many years of faithful service my trusty Kuhn Rikon vegetable peeler has fallen apart...

This wasn't just ANY peeler, it was one of my first purchases from a gourmet cooking store...I paid more than anyone should EVER pay for a peeler.  It was made in Switzerland and could only be purchased at Williams Sonoma via catalog or in the store...this was long BEFORE the Internet and Amazon.com days.

It was one of the first U shaped peelers available in  the USA, she was as sharp as could be and felt great in your hands.  No old fashioned swivel peeler could compare.  I could peel at the speed of light!

As someone with a neuro-muscular disease replacing her has become an arduous task...There are so many things to consider when you have weak hands...

Not just any peeler will do. It must fit in your hand just so, the handle can't be too bulky, but can't be too thin either...A soft grip is easier to hold than a hard plastic grip. ...will it make your hand tired when you use it, will it slip and cause you to cut yourself, will it withstand being dropped on the floor and get run over with a walker or powerchair?
So will it be a new Kuh Rikon, an OXO Good Grips, or a Kitchen Aid...only time will tell


  1. I SO get it!!! Do you have an IKEA near you? We got a U shaped peeler from them and I LOVE it.

    It was NOT expensive at all. The only bummer is if you DON'T have an IKEA by you (I don't, we were going to try Rituxan on the east side of the state)...you can't order it online. They won't ship certain things. Not worth their time I suppose.

    Let us know what you get!!

  2. Kerri, I haven't checked IKEA yet. It's about 40 min from my house. Epicurious.com had them on special, they came 3 in a set but are on back order. I've put "old faithful" back together until I can find a replacement :)

  3. Our peeler is so pitiful. I'm glad for the recommendation. Went on amazon and added a set to my cart! Wahoo! Thanks for the information.

  4. Becky Jane, you are too funny!
    I ordered from Amazon as well yesterday, I decided to try a larger peeler from Kuhn Rikon because of the handle. If I don't like it as much as "old faithful" I'll go back to and order them too!


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