Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Scent of Spring...

Here in NJ we experienced a very mild winter and quite a few above average temperatures this spring.  Today is the exception, we are exactly where we should be temperature wise. 

I turned on the coffeemaker first thing as I usually do, the smell of freshly brewing coffee began to fill the house.  I opened the back door to let the suns rays warm the kitchen when I was overcome by the smell of lilacs drifting on the morning breeze.  I couldn't help but take a deep breath...spring has finally come to my backyard!

I have been blessed with a beautiful lilac bush courtesy of my neighbors.  I've never planted one, for many years their bush hung over my fence and I clipped bouquets to my hearts content.  Several years ago some branches made there way under the fence and they have spread and grown stonger, as a result I now have a beautiful lilac bush to call my own...Time to cut a bouquet for the kitchen table...


  1. Oh you have been blessed with a beautiful spring smell....but today we are in winter again, in GA

  2. Lovely...reading your post made me homesick for our old house. We had a lilac blooming just outside our window. The smell filled the house and yard. Can I come and clip some of yours?


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