Sunday, June 19, 2011

How I Met The Monster.....Episode Two

A year ago this week my life would change forever

Back to the story;  The night passed without incident, although I slept like I hadn't had any sleep for weeks.  I woke feeling refreshed in an odd sort of way.  I still had a tired run down feeling.  I was sure I had some kind of virus or something.  It was time to get on with my morning routine, so into the bathroom I went.  Passing my sister along the way she asked "what's wrong with your leg?" , "nothing, why?" I replied. She went on to tell me I was limping, I remember saying that I thought my legs were still a bit tired from yesterday!

Things seemed normal at first while washing up, but as I continued along my arms became weaker and weaker. I could hardly keep them up, again I felt like I was going to fall over!  I had never remembered feeling so weak in my entire life.  Even after having surgery to have my gallbladder removed I had more strength.  So with a great deal of effort and using the walls and furniture for support I returned to bed.  My sister was very concerned, she knew something wasn't right and wanted me to go to the emergency room.  But no, not this nurse!  I was sure whatever this was would pass on it's own.  I'm not really a go to the ER kind of person.  Having been  in the medical profession my whole life, THAT was the last place I wanted to go!

I really didn't feel any better. I reassured my sister that it was just a passing thing.  The truth was I was trying to convince myself of the same.  As the day passed my day was filled with doing as little as possible, and becoming so weak afterward I required a nap.  I continued to feel better when I woke up but that didn't last.  Again I was so weak I could barely lift my head, arms, or even turn myself in bed.  I was so scared by now, words couldn't describe the fear I was experiencing.  It was now well after midnight, I promised my sister I would let her take me to see my doctor in the morning.  I've always had a strong faith, but that night I never prayed harder.  Please GOD, if it's your will help me make it through the night!!

Morning came, the birds were chirping outside my window as they always do.  Their song was never more beautiful.  I was hardly able to sit up, things did not get better after resting as they had before.  I called to my sister in my strongest voice, which was now only a soft whisper.  She could barely hear me. She had already called the doctor's office.  I could come in as soon as I was ready.  My doctor was in their other office that morning, so I was scheduled to see the nurse practitioner.  My sister helped me wash up and dress, I was so weak I couldn't do anything without help.  With her arm for support she walked me to my SUV, she lifted my legs into it, I simply didn't have the strength.  Tears ran down my face, I tried not to let her see me cry.  She helped me out of the truck, we made our way to the building.  I had to sit and wait for the elevator, I could barely stand without help by this point.  

The nurse practitioner began her assessment.  I gave her a recap of the events leading up to my visit.  The funny thing was that I had just been to see my doctor two weeks before.  I have Type 2 Diabetes and see hm regularly.  All was well at that visit, my labs were great, my blood sugar was in great control.  I was feeling better than I had in a long time.  I was walking up to two miles daily, and losing weight at a nice healthy rate.  She thought I might have been experiencing Vertigo, so she prescribed medication to help with the symptoms.  She advised me to go to the ER if things didn't improve or got worse.  I really didn't think Vertigo was my problem, but I was too weak to question things.  We stopped at the pharmacy on the way home.  I took the first dose of meds and went to bed.   Tune in tomorrow for Episode Three...

June is Myasthenia Gravis

Awareness Month
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  1. This all happened in a couple of DAYS? What a strange thing. Mine took years to progress...although I was sick for a very long time. Wow. I'm like on the edge of my seat waiting for the rest of the story!!!
    Love the shark, by the way. I totally copied it.

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Mine was exactly the same a really quick progression where I just felt so ill and weak.

    I remember seeing a private Dr who assured me I just had Bells Palsy and to go back to work. I was sleeping 12 hours at night and napping during the day. There was no way I could work!

    Rach The Maysthenia Kid

  3. That must have been scary, the limping, vertigo. That was fast and I think if I was your sister that I would panic, call the ambulance....but she got you to the doc office.


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