Friday, November 26, 2010

3rd Annual Cricut Cookie & Candy Recipe Swap

Here is a sneak peek at my recipe card for JeanP's third annual Cookie & Candy recipe swap on the Cricut message board:
My cookie this year is a Butter Ball Chiffon, they are made with instant lemon pudding and there are no eggs in the recipe.


  1. Oh my GOSH! So cute! We need the recipe now!

  2. RACHEL!!!! YAY!!! You won my giveaway!!! Please send me your e-mail so I can give you the details and the code for the gift card! YAY!! I'm so happy it was you! My newest MJ friend!

  3. Aunt Mommy's unite! Thank you for your comments. I don't remember how that popped into use but it happened early on in my raising of my girls. I know there are many of us out there. Although it does not seem like you are doing anything special by raising our nieces and nephews, it really is an act of love for our family and a recognition that if we don't protect our family, then we don't deserve a voice when someone else steps in. BTW, our high school principal gave me a new title -- we also are par-aunts instead of parents. Take care. Enjoy crocheting for your girls. Although they may not say it, they do and will appreciate the items as they get older. You'll just have to keep making them hats as they tend to lose them.

    -- Victoria


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